Android tasks are full of bugs or it has poor documentation?



Official Docs Says:

This activity is not launched into a new document even if the Intent contains FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_DOCUMENT

But when I’m launching a new activity using an intent containing FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_DOCUMENT
and android:documentLaunchMode="never", the activity is being launched in a new document, avoiding the behavior stated in the official documentation.

I just wanted to ask that Is Docs are incorrect or this is because of bugs or I misunderstood this?

I agree with your previous statement about using a single activity and having multiple fragment is a much better way of doing things but I just wanted to raise this issue to you…

Source Code


I do not know. I do not recall having used android:documentLaunchMode="never".


I have raised this issue on reddit and Stackoverflow…but no one seems to answer this.
Is there any other place where I can report this?


If by “report” you mean that you wish to file a bug report with Google, then file a bug report with Google. Be sure to include the source code to a project that reproduces the problem, along with complete instructions for reproducing the problem using that source code. Do not skip any steps, or Google will tend to close your bug as “not reproducible”.

Also, bear in mind that:

  • Getting attention from Google for production versions of Android is difficult (I try to file all bugs for a developer preview)
  • Getting attention from Google for documentation bugs is nearly impossible
  • Google is unlikely to fix problems that are not regressions, so if this has been the way things have worked all along, at best they will adjust the documentation and perhaps mark some stuff as deprecated

As part of your bug report, you might wish to indicate what the behavior is on all relevant versions of Android. So, for example, if this has been a problem since Android 5.0, I doubt that they will change the behavior now, as it might break existing apps. On the other hand, if this is new to Android 9.0, it’s possible that they might try to fix in in a 9.1 release (if there is one) or in Android Q (and, no, I have no idea what the “tasty treat” will be for Q…).


Thank you for this awesome detailed advice…!