CWAC-SafeRoom 1.3.0 Released... and a Retirement Announcement

CWAC-SafeRoom 1.3.0 is available only for the saferoom.x artifact (for use with AndroidX). This moves SafeRoom up to SQLCipher for Android 4.3.0 and raises the minSdkVersion to 16.

SQLCipher for Android 4.3.0 debuts its own implementation of the AndroidX SupportSQLite... set of classes and interfaces. As a result, you can use SQLCipher for Android with Room, SQLDelight, etc. without the need for SafeRoom. AFAIK, SafeRoom is no longer needed, and so I am not planning on further development.

Note that the Android Support Library variant of SafeRoom remains at 1.2.1 and SQLCipher for Android 4.2.0.

If you have any questions about migrating your project from SafeRoom to SQLCipher for Android, just ask!