CWAC-SafeRoom v0.5.0 Released

CWAC-SafeRoom v0.5.0 is now available.

This has no functional changes from v0.4.4. However, it switches SafeRoom to use AndroidX dependencies (specifically androidx.sqlite:sqlite-framework) instead of the former Android Support Library dependencies.

Note that the artifact name is also different: com.commonsware.cwac:saferoom.x:0.5.0 (saferoom.x replacing the former saferoom to help distinguish the AndroidX edition from the Android Support Library edition). The classes and Java package remain the same, as it is unsafe to try to have two editions of SafeRoom in the same project at the same time.

If you have any questions, start a fresh topic in the CWAC category here, or ask on Stack Overflow in the commonsware-cwac tag. If you encounter a bug, read the contribution guidelines, then file an issue.

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