How to apply styles to ActionMode



Is there a way to apply styles and themes to ActionMode (the area of ActionBar that transforms to show options related to ActionMode)? I would like to change the fonts, their size, color and the background color of the ActionMode. How to do all that and more?



<item name="android:actionModeBackground"> lets you set the background color of the native action mode. I have not used action modes with appcompat-v7 personally; last I checked, they did not support them, forcing you back to the native implementation.

There may be recipes for changing the fonts. I have never changed the fonts in the action bar, let alone in the action mode, and so I do not know the details. From a brief scan of the docs, you might hunt around Stack Overflow or elsewhere for actionModeStyle and actionModeMenuStyle attributes for use in style resources.



Will check the rest later. For now, that’s enough.