Loading Data into the SQLiteDatabase in the onCreate() method of the SQLiteOpenHelper

Hi All,

I’m creating a bunch of databases on the fly. I’m using the good’ol SQLite apis that Android has to offer.

I’m populating the databases in the onCreate method of the SQLiteOpenHelper like :-

override fun onCreate(db: SQLiteDatabase?) {
			try {
				insertDataIntoTheDatabase(db)  //fetch & insert data from the n/w
			} catch (e: Exception) {
				_logger.error("Error while creating objects inside the Database: $dbName!", e)

IMO this has a potential of a leak.
Just wanted to confirm if my understanding is correct.

Possibly, though that is difficult to answer with just this code snippet. It comes down to where coroutineScope is coming from and when it will get cleared.

I am more concerned about some architectural implications:

  • Your comment suggests that a SQLiteOpenHelper is responsible for network I/O
  • Your code suggests that a SQLiteOpenHelper is holding a CoroutineScope

Off the cuff, I would do neither of those things. I would keep SQLiteOpenHelper extremely lean. Network I/O and management of scopes is something that, IMHO, is not the responsibility of a database access utility class. A repository that uses the SQLiteOpenHelper might also have a data source that does network I/O (e.g., a Retrofit-generated class) and might create child scopes of some suitable parent scope for coroutines.

Thank you for the prompt response @mmurphy.
Yes, I’ve defined the Coroutine Scope within the SQLiteOpenHelper Class and plan to refactor this bit asap.
I too didn’t like the N/W call being made from the SQLiteOpenHelper as well the SQLiteOpenHelper holding a CoroutineScope.