Presentation's rootView


Greeting mmurphy:

I have question about How to get Presentation’s root view? Through getWindow() I only can saw getDecorView(). Thank you very much.



Since Presentation extends from Dialog, you can use findViewById() to retrieve a widget by its ID. I don’t think there is a method to get the root view.


Yeah, which make sense.

I build a mouse cursoe which extend FrameLayout and running on Presentation Layout top. I found system Copy & Past menu is upper then my FrameLayout when I through LongPress to call the Copy & Past menu. So base on this case, I feel confuse about this reason.


I will be somewhat surprised if the system copy/paste menu is a view in your dialog’s view hierarchy. I always assumed those were their own separate system windows.


oh, I frogot to tell you, the content is XWalkView(CorssWalk Project) in my Presentation Layout, but if copy/paste menu running in the XWalkView, my FrameLayout must be on the top. But right now it upper then my mouse, so sad :frowning:.